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Welcome to the "Comic Portal"

MAKE US AWARE - whoever you are, may that be an act, an audience member, venue staff, promoter or member of public... everyone has the right to feel safe from harassment, alarm and distress in every aspect of their lives. Sometimes - unfortunately - that just isn't the case. However, as a club we can do our utmost to combat this unwanted behaviour and we can work towards making safer environments for all of us to live and work in.

To report any concerns to us (can be done anonymously) fill in our online form by CLICKING HERE


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - Comedians & acts may fill in this form to register their interest or

apply for gigs/events that we've either got coming up or for future ones. 

The best way however, is to join our Facebook 'Talent Pool' group. We will post gig offers in this group before we post them anywhere else (unless it is urgent), along with details on how to apply. To join the 'Talent Pool' CLICK HERE

If you are successful in getting onto one of our gigs we will usually contact you via email in the first instance. In some instances we may contact you via social media so please

make sure you include your social handles below.  

If we don't get in touch with you concerning a specific gig that you have put yourself forward for, don't be disheartened. We hope to be running plenty of comedy nights in the future

so we will look forward to working with you sooner or later. 

All your details will be stored securely and only used to make gig offers.

If you want to update your information at any point (after submitting a previous profile)

please email with your full name in the subject heading along with the words "Profile Change" - this is to prevent duplicate profiles on our end.


If at any time you wish for us to delete your details, then please email and in the subject heading put "Delete Comedian" 

Thank you!


Please fill in as much detail as possible

Thanks! You've successfully sent your shizz. We'll be in touch.

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