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About Cat & Stick Comedy

A comedy club born out of creating opportunities. Nurturing and showcasing  new talent from the UK comedy scene. Giving audiences a greater choice of shows ranging from grassroots events right through to professional headline shows. With big plans for the future, we'd love your support going forward. 

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Founded in 2022 by comedian Marty Riley,  the club is based in Huddersfield but holds events all over the West Yorkshire region.  The idea or even the ethos - if you want to call it that - behind Cat & Stick Comedy is to create more performance opportunities within the Yorkshire region for up & coming talent from around the UK. A real consequence of the pandemic and it's lockdowns, reduced opportunities significantly. And demand was high! The lockdowns allowed for people to be more creative and left them wanting to express themselves more freely; have their voices heard. But there was nowhere to go. 


We saw what was happening and we set out to stem the gap a little bit. During our 1st year operating as a club, we managed to establish many events and therefore progression opportunities. This means - for example - that anyone just beginning their comedy journey, can see that we offer opportunities at every level. From grassroots right through to pro level. It also has the added benefit of being able to offer a wider choice of entertainment to our audiences, with a selection of free, affordable and pro events. 


As we are a brand new comedy club we are of course looking to the future. We would love to have your continued support so that we can keep making people laugh. What a fantastic and noble cause to get behind right? So please... follow us on social media, share our events/news, get yourself to a few shows and tell others all about us. 


With big plans for the future, we'd love for you all to be a part of it. 


If you are a venue owner/manager or you would like to organise a private event, get in touch by CLICKING HERE

We are professional, insured & ready to go.

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