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Marty Riley

Deadpan comedian from Huddersfield, with more than one famous doppelgänger. He likes to share his personal experiences of psychosis, allowing audiences to laugh at the madness of it all. Couple that with his unique observations and 'off the cuff' stories about sandwiches, strange love affairs and foreign languages - he's definitely an act that will live on in the memories of all those that have come before him.


- Shortlisted - BBC New Comedy Awards 2022

- Winner - Gong Wrong Competition

- Winner - Funhouse Comedy Gong Show

- Finalist - Gag & Bone Man New Comedian of the Year 2023



Riley has a spectacular moustache, a dead pan delivery and highly original material. He had a great gig and held the audience without hardly any effort. The whole room was interested in what he was saying. There was a lot of good writing in this set, with telepathy, Cleethorpes and aperitif being standouts. Aperitif was a wonderfully clever joke that came as the culmination of a string of them. His performance rolled along nicely and he collected consistent laughter. I liked what I saw.


Marty Riley is a funny, clever act who is delightfully different to most acts. Will add quality, intrigue and most of all laughter to any bill. I suspect he’ll go far.


10 min set @ Stand Up for Denbigh

20th April 2024

5 min set @ Beat The Frog, Manchester

Audio - 10 min set - Feb 2024 

10 - Car Load of Comics 16th Feb 24Marty Riley
00:00 / 11:48

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